Monk strap style shoes have always been a popular option in men's footwear in Pakistan. They are known for their unique buckle attachments and classic look. Their main purpose was to be paired with formal clothes, but they were later figured to be a shoe style that could pretty much go with everything. Basically, they are now a versatile choice that can be worn for both formal events and casual days out as well. Combining monk-strap shoes with jeans can provide a very classy combination of sophistication and basic style. 

This blog will provide a comprehensive review of many strategies, aesthetic ideas, and features to assist you in becoming experienced in pairing monk strap shoes with jeans, so keep reading, Pakistani!

Monk Strap Shoe Styles

Before getting into styling tips, it's important to know the different kinds of monk strap styles that are out there and what makes them unique. There aren’t many but well, even two are a lot for men since we’re basic creatures!

Single Monk Strap:

With their simple design and single buckle closing, these shoes are both elegant and useful. They go from dressy to casual settings without any problems, making them a useful addition to any closet.

Double Monk Strap:

Double monk strap shoes, which have two buckle closures, are a bold fashion choice and are usually worn with more dressy clothes in Pakistan. But they can also be dressed down for a look that is both dressy and casual for that balance.

Choosing the Right Jeans

When wearing monk straps with jeans, the type of denim is very important. Here is a list of things that you can use to figure out which style will work best for you:


To go with your classy monk straps, we would prefer to choose slim or straight-leg pants with a tailored fit. Don't wear jeans that are too tight or too loose; as they are just going to make you end up looking very tacky (you don’t want to look like that one dude from liberty market, do you?)


Dark-wash jeans are always a good choice because they make any outfit look more put-together. On the other hand, jeans that are worn in or faded can give off a more casual, rough look that's great for regular clothing.


Make sure that the length of your jeans leaves a little room above the ankle so that your monk strap can stand out. Again, we just mean a tailored pair of jeans.

Styling Tips

Now that we have covered all the basics let’s talk about how the styling is done. There are many stylish ways to pair monk strap shoes with jeans:

1. Smart Casual Look:

Wear your monk straps with dark wash jeans and a clean button-down shirt for a put-together but casual look. For a more put-together look, wear a windbreaker or sports jacket over the shirt. To show off your shoes and give your look a stylish touch, roll up the cuffs of your jeans. To make the outfit look complete, wear a leather belt that matches the color of your shoes.

2. Casual Chic Ensemble:

Wear your monk straps with worn-out jeans and a fitting t-shirt or polo shirt to dress up your casual outfit. For a modern touch, add a light bomber jacket or denim jacket. For a casual look and to make your shoes stand out, roll up the sleeves of your jacket. Add a leather band or watch as an accessory to make the outfit look better.

3. Business Casual Attire:

You can also wear monk straps with work casual clothes for a stylish but laid-back look. Wear them with dress pants or fitted chinos and a button-down shirt that is tucked in. Add a sweater or jacket over the shirt to keep warm and look good. To make your outfit look balanced, choose pants in a neutral color and a shirt in a different color. For a business look, finish off the outfit with a nice leather briefcase or messenger bag.

4. Weekend Ready Outfit:

Wear your monk-strap shoes with light-wash jeans and a casual shirt or jacket for a laid-back weekend look. Add a denim or utility jacket on top for a tough and stylish look. Roll up the arms of your jacket and shirt for a laid-back look. To make it look more good looking, add a hat or cap and a backpack or crossbody bag.

Additional Styling Tips

5. Experiment with Socks:

If you want to look, more put-together when wearing monk straps with jeans, try going sockless or choosing socks that don't show. Ankle socks work best mostly but we would prefer no socks at all!

6. Add Accessories:

To make your outfit look complete, wear leather belts, rings, or watches that match the color and style of your monk straps.

7. Consider the Occasion:

When you put together your outfit, think about the event. You can dress up or down with monk straps, but make sure your whole outfit is fitting for the event.


Monk strap shoes in Pakistan are a flexible choice for shoes that can go from dressy to casual settings with ease. If you want to wear them with jeans, choose dark or faded jeans that fit well to go with the sleek shape of the shoes. Try out different styling tips and items to make a range of looks, from business-casual outfits to weekend-ready clothes. You can learn the art of wearing monk straps with jeans and look stylish everywhere you go if you have the right pieces and a little confidence.